Dynamo LMR & 17th, Annual Invitational 7-8, April, 2018, RESULTS

Posted by Lidia Menzies on Apr 10 2018 at 02:42PM PDT

Burnaby Dynamo LMR & 17th Annual Invitational was very successful for all 51 swimmers in the competition .

After 2 year Dynamo Swim Team won back Lidia LM Cup. West Vancouver Otters had the cup for the last 2 years and this year Dynamo swimmers, coaches and volunteers won the cup.
Lidia LM cup was won by the head coach in 1992 at a big swimming competition Nvtiky Evdomada in Greece and she donated the cup to Dynamo in 2015. This cup is a sport spirit award that combines the swimmers results in the competition with the volunteers parents participation in organizing and running the swim meet.
Over all Dynamo swimmers won 41 gold , 27 silver, 29 bronze ribbons.


Please see the results in the attachments.

Lidia Menzies
Director of Swimming

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