Results Winskill Swim Meet in Richmond 20-21, January ,2018

Posted by Lidia Menzies on Jan 27 2018 at 03:58PM PST

Dear Dynamo Swim Club Coaches and Athletes,

Thank you all for your attendance and performance at our last Swim Meet at the Winskill Dolphins Pools. I am happy to announce that it was an excellent meet.

Overall time improvement for each individual swimmer (and Dynamo Swim Club on the whole) was substantial. It is clear that the results are due to you being responsible, committed athletes – so take pride in your accomplishment at this meet and allow it to drive you harder in the upcoming practices leading to our next competition. _

Every time that you take the initiative to train, focus, integrate feedback, and to be an intelligent, thoughtful swimmer – the improvement shows at the meet.
Discipline can be defined as the ability to train oneself to do something in a controlled and habitual way.
As a swimmer, you are known for your ability to be self-disciplined and to develop that discipline toward any endeavour that they encounter whether it be your school achievement, your career desires, or your overall health and fitness. That drive that you are developing is becoming a central doctrine to how you carry out your days and how you think about your actions, and their consequences.

Keep up the hard work and never stop aiming for the most ambitious goals that you can dream of!
So, if today that goal is to swim a 5k practice or to make provincial championships, keep that sight straight ahead – unwavering that is you must trust that you have the ability to take yourself to where you want to go. Track your progress and know what times you need to reach your goal, write them down, and train hard.

Accuracy and precision in swimming translates to accuracy and precision in all that you do, being clear about what you are saying, doing, and aiming for – that is discipline. All the people we admire the most, we admire them for that reason. Remember that when you are attending practices – be the kind of person that you want to be and that you expect others to emulate. Use that principle as the fuel to push you harder and faster.

Tell yourself, if everyone did (blank) the world would be a better place. What is that for you?

Congratulations to all athletes for their best times:

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